Definition of mainly in English:



  • 1More than anything else.

    ‘he is mainly concerned with fiction’
    • ‘These homes are meant mainly for the elite as they demand a huge sum as entrance fee.’
    • ‘In her new job, she will be mainly working in Castle Point and Rochford districts.’
    • ‘The group is mainly for children between one and three but toddlers younger or older are welcome.’
    • ‘He said the defendant lost hair on the left side of his head mainly through the worry about what happened.’
    • ‘Mr Atherton and his team were mainly concerned about the allegation of misconduct.’
    • ‘They are concerned mainly with whether the US will win a war, not whether it is right.’
    • ‘His talk was mainly on the awful abuse of alcohol in the very young age groups at the moment.’
    • ‘Solar panels, now common even in the wilds, are used mainly to power dim tube lamps.’
    • ‘They mainly involved cars skidding into fence posts and shunting other vehicles.’
    • ‘Space is all very well, in the right place, but people come to libraries mainly to borrow books.’
    • ‘The fines can be issued anywhere in the borough but will be used mainly to tackle town centre disorder.’
    • ‘This was a big deal that people could have computers, but the personal computer was mainly for fun.’
    • ‘He was mainly interested in and concerned with his work, his family, and his church.’
    • ‘These pupils were mainly overseas students taking the exams in their second language.’
    • ‘This show is featured mainly to break the myth that film stars can never be good cooks.’
    • ‘Tangles were commonplace, mainly due to the fact that my rigs were shotted up wrong.’
    • ‘We mainly have hard floors so I usually just sweep up rather than lug the hoover around.’
    • ‘While the pursuit of art has always been close to her art, she has mainly taken it as a hobby.’
    • ‘They were mainly concerned with two types of injury, to the neck and the lower back.’
    • ‘In so far as it was concerned with substantive law, it was mainly concerned with the law of war.’
    mostly, for the most part, in the main, on the whole, largely, by and large, to a large extent, to a great degree, predominantly, chiefly, principally
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    1. 1.1 For the most part.
      ‘the west will be mainly dry’
      • ‘Her school in Walsall in the West Midlands serves a mainly working class community.’
      • ‘I work on estates in Brent in west London which have a mainly black and Asian population.’