Definition of maincrop in English:



  • Denoting a vegetable produced as a principal crop of the season.

    ‘maincrop potatoes’
    • ‘A decision by a Pembrokeshire growers' co-operative to shift its focus from early potato production to maincrop varieties has paid off.’
    • ‘The average date of outbreak of blight for maincrop potatoes is in the latter half of July.’
    • ‘In terms of varieties grown, maincrop potatoes account for almost three-quarters of total production area with processing varieties accounting for 14%.’
    • ‘The proposals will bring new potatoes into line with the labelling rules, grading and quality standards which have applied to maincrop potatoes since the introduction of the legislation in 1977.’
    • ‘This is the first season I've grown early varieties of peas in addition to our maincrop favourite Greenshaft.’
    • ‘As a result there is no clash between early crop, old maincrop and new maincrop potatoes on the market.’
    • ‘I planted out all my coriander plants, repotted the pepper plants and planted out the maincrop potatoes.’
    • ‘Sow maincrop carrots, French beans, lettuces and peas in the vegetable plot.’
    • ‘Why are my maincrop potato tubers covered in cracks?’
    • ‘The maincrop pea Greensage has been bred from a cross between Greenshaft and a semi-leafless variety to give long pods carrying up to 11 sweet-tasting peas.’
    • ‘Other crops on the horizon include tomatoes (the first super sweet 100 are just ripening), maincrop onions, which look to have done well, sprouting broccoli (the first sprouts are just about ready to taste) and beetroot.’
    • ‘Plenty of space was always reserved for maincrop potatoes, which were brought in by early October.’