Definition of main clause in English:

main clause


  • A clause that can form a complete sentence standing alone, having a subject and a predicate.

    Contrasted with subordinate clause
    • ‘The clause in question is a simple modifier of the main clause.’
    • ‘Now, we can take each of these structures, replace (the word) them with whom, and embed the whole thing in a main clause in which some noun phrase is to be non-restrictively modified by the structure we've created.’
    • ‘E. E. Cummings, though, can stand as the subject of a main clause with no preceding adjunct, which makes him much easier to talk about.’
    • ‘It's part of a pair of coordinated subjunctive main clauses.’
    • ‘Also not considered here are the various options that exist when the embedded clause functions as the subject of the main clause.’


main clause