Definition of mailing address in English:

mailing address


  • The address to which a person's mail should be sent.

    ‘please include your full name and mailing address’
    • ‘I transferred my phone service, and changed my mailing address, driver's license address and voting precinct.’
    • ‘I'll send you my home mailing address right away.’
    • ‘Do you have his e-mail or mailing address?’
    • ‘No, he never wrote me and I had no mailing address.’
    • ‘He didn't care about actually receiving the books, and he regularly used a fake mailing address.’
    • ‘It completely slipped my mind to include a mailing address for donations by check.’
    • ‘Mailing addresses can be found on the back of each game pack.’
    • ‘Without your mailing address we can't send you anything!’
    • ‘Their names and mailing addresses were obtained from the Directory of American Medical Education for the United States and Canada.’
    • ‘Please give your fax and telephone numbers and full mailing address.’