Definition of mailboat in English:



  • A ship or boat that carries mail.

    • ‘From Nassau, you can travel to the other islands on regular scheduled flights by Bahamas Air, the national airline, but I chose to travel from Nassau to the Out Islands by mailboat, sharing deck space with farm animals and pineapples.’
    • ‘Even so, guests can only get over to it when the local mailboat runs from Stonington.’
    • ‘In addition, the mailboats provide a relatively inexpensive way to travel, although it may be a bit rough, at times.’
    • ‘In a brief historical overview of the service provided by mailboats, the ministry said it dates back to the 17th century when the vessels transported and delivered mail and small packets from England and America to Crooked Island, the main depot, and from there to other islands.’
    • ‘Imagine my disappointment when, having managed to acquire a ticket in the stalls after an uncomfortable voyage in the morning mailboat, I learned at tea time that the performance had simply been cancelled.’