Definition of mail order in English:

mail order


mass noun
  • The sale and ordering of goods by post, generally involving selection from a catalogue.

    ‘available by mail order only’
    as modifier ‘a mail-order catalogue’
    • ‘Order daffodil and tulip bulbs from mail order suppliers for planting this autumn.’
    • ‘You can also order jujube trees from several mail-order nurseries.’
    • ‘The products are only available by mail order from Pippa's Natural Healthcare Clinic.’
    • ‘Purchase wood veneer at craft stores and through woodworking mail-order catalogs.’
    • ‘The birth of these small mail-order companies grew into today's wholesale businesses.’
    • ‘The hits people want to hear them play are freely available second-hand, in mail-order collections, and fairly cheaply in record shops.’
    • ‘I would suggest mail order and specialist computer magazines as your initial marketing channels.’
    • ‘Many of the forcing jars available today at florist shops or via mail-order catalogues are reproductions of famous designs from the Victorian era or earlier.’
    • ‘Aquilegias can be raised from seed with a good choice of popular types easily available by mail order from seed companies.’
    • ‘This year the tubers will be offered in the centre's mail order catalogue.’
    • ‘We ordered our Christmas turkey today from Kelly Turkeys, mail order.’
    • ‘There are a selection of less expensive bears too, all available by mail order.’
    • ‘In addition to local nurseries, hostas are available from several mail-order nurseries.’
    • ‘Jill is building up the number of galleries stocking her work and hopes to be able to sell her ceramics by mail order catalogue soon.’
    • ‘In the past I have always been impressed with any food I have ordered via mail order.’
    • ‘Bulbs are widely available this month in retail nurseries and mail-order catalogs.’
    • ‘One of the things many mail-order retailers offer is a selection of bulbs that aren't available everywhere.’
    • ‘Mushroom kits that provide spawn and detailed instructions are available through mail order.’
    • ‘As the twentieth century wore on, railroads and mail-order catalogs supplanted the country stores.’


mail order