Definition of mail cart in English:

mail cart


  • A cart for carrying mail by road.

    • ‘John Ledbitter is the driver of the mail-cart," interposed Walter Grame, drawing himself up, as much as to say that he would not stoop to drive a mail-cart.’
    • ‘The mail cart had already gone round long ago, Clint frowned at the small package curiously.’
    • ‘A little over a month ago I was walking up to Peirce's main offices in another attempt to see Royalton when I passed by an old man with a mail cart.’
    • ‘And a tall, fine young man, with an open countenance, looking much more like a gentleman than like the driver of a village mail-cart, came in.’
    • ‘In the yard were the usual out-offices, together with provision for the engineers' stores, and shelters for mail carts, bicycles, etc.’