Definition of mail carrier in English:

mail carrier


North American
  • A person who is employed to deliver and collect letters and parcels.

    • ‘Additionally, the perfect binding will make it less likely that the cover will be pulled off and harder for the mail carrier to fold.’
    • ‘The mail carrier really doesn't need to know what you're going to be doing with your life 10 years from now.’
    • ‘Around here, the mail carrier leaves a little slip inviting you to pick up the letter at the post office.’
    • ‘I was therefore shocked, and did not believe until I saw the photo, that he has been working recently as a mail carrier.’
    • ‘As mail carriers, they are chased by dogs and get caught in lawn sprinklers.’
    • ‘Today's skiers often carry letters in commemoration of the fallen mail carrier.’
    • ‘By 1876, stamps were being used for letters to subscribers and delivered by mail carriers.’
    • ‘In the 1980s, when Katharine began publishing NewsNotes, that excitement was delivered to our mailboxes three or four times a year by a mail carrier.’
    • ‘Dora and Boots help out the mail carrier by delivering four special letters.’
    • ‘The conversation ended when he abruptly announced that he heard the mail carrier at the end of his driveway.’
    • ‘This was required law in the city, that is that any one who lived in the down town area of Henrietta, would have to shovel the sidewalk in front of their house so that mail carriers could get through to do their jobs.’
    • ‘This scooter, which is to be publicly introduced late in 2002, is being tested by U.S. mail carriers in Florida.’
    • ‘The trip culminated with a walk outside to look at the inside of a mail truck, and we had a conversation with a mail carrier getting ready to go on his route.’
    • ‘Present the bus driver with a rose, give your mail carrier a thank-you card, hold a door for a stranger, smile at a passerby.’
    • ‘He was a member of the sorting group for the post office project, whose job it was to sort the incoming mail for the mail carriers to deliver around the school.’
    • ‘They then would put the letter in the corresponding mail carrier's bin to be delivered that afternoon.’
    • ‘Pearl Pass is the trade route between the two areas, used since the late 1800's by miners and mail carriers.’
    • ‘The pass was also skied quite often in those days both by individuals looking for their fortune and the mail carriers of the day.’
    • ‘But the mail kept coming because the envelopes had ‘or current resident’ on them, obligating mail carriers to deliver it, he said.’
    • ‘They are experts at minimizing the cost of shipping to their clients through any mail carrier.’