Definition of maiden's blush in English:

maiden's blush


  • 1A delicate pink colour. Also figurative. Now historical.

  • 2In full "maiden's blush rose". An old rose of the Rosa× alba group with delicate pink flowers.

  • 3Any of several varieties of apple, typically with yellow skins flushed or streaked with red; especially an American variety of cooking apple.

  • 4Either of two Australian trees with pinkish wood, Sloanea australis (family Elaeocarpaceae), and Euroschinus falcatus (family Anacardiaceae).

  • 5A small geometrid moth, Cyclophora punctaria, having pale brownish yellow wings with reddish markings.

  • 6Australian. A drink consisting of raspberry cordial with either rum or ginger beer, or of port and lemonade.


Late 16th century; earliest use found in John Florio (1553–1625), author and teacher of languages. From the genitive of maiden + blush.


maiden's blush