Definition of mahurat in English:



  • 1An auspicious time for an enterprise to begin or for a ceremony to take place.

    ‘the pandit selects the best mahurat for the wedding’
    • ‘A mahurat or auspicious time is chosen for the puja after matching the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom.’
    1. 1.1 An inauguration ceremony, especially one held to mark the start of the making of a film.
      ‘he eked out his income by conducting film mahurats, the ritual essential for all good beginnings’
      • ‘But all in all, we have to say that this was one lackluster mahurat that we attended.’
      • ‘He is found dressed in a kurta-pyjama, be it at film mahurats or recording studios or even at home.’
      • ‘Again, there are a bevy of films whose mahurat took place some time back.’


From Hindi mahūrat, from Sanskrit muhūrta ‘a division of time’ (approximately 48 minutes, one thirtieth of a day).