Definition of mahseer in English:



  • A large edible freshwater fish of the carp family, native to northern India and the Himalayan region.

    Genus Tor, family Cyprinidae: several species, especially the Putitor mahseer (T. putitora)

    • ‘It was a long time before we found a spot to pull in for the night, a nice beach with the rapids breaking not too far away, it wasn't long before a fish of 15-20 lb leapt of the water, not a mahseer though.’
    • ‘A smaller Nile perch or mahseer, for example, can really provide essential protein.’
    • ‘You can also visit the elephant training camp at Dubare, or fish for mahseer at the Valnoor fishing camp.’
    • ‘Expeditions in pursuit of Atlantic blue marlin, Indian mahseer, tiger fish, Pacific salmon were the norm and what fantastic prize trips they were.’
    • ‘The next morning we set about the arduous task of rowing up river in what is a very powerful current, until we were met by the fisherman and were told about a mahseer of 50 kg that had come out of this place two days ago.’
    • ‘I suppose this is because big trips have to have big objectives - mahseer, sturgeon, catfish or the like - but this shouldn't always be the case.’
    • ‘Plenty of photos of huge fish of all kinds - 90 lb mahseer from India, 200 lb stingrays, huge sharks, sailfish, carp - you name it and he's caught it.’


Via Hindi from Sanskrit mahā ‘great’ + śaphara ‘carp’.