Definition of mahout in English:



  • (in South and SE Asia) a person who works with, rides, and tends an elephant.

    • ‘‘The city will to start to get tough on mahouts who let their elephants roam the streets, particularly at night and in crowded places,’ said the deputy mayor.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the traditional work of the Thai elephant, working in the teak forests, has diminished through the years and many Thai mahouts and their elephants have migrated to Pattaya looking for employment.’
    • ‘He also won awards for Man and Elephant, the love story of a mahout and an elephant, which was been shown on 100 television channels internationally.’
    • ‘For 5 days the elephants and mahouts adventurers plied the highway all the way to the township of Sattahip, selling sugar cane and other fruits to the villagers, before returning to spend the night at their new found home.’
    • ‘The drum beat gets faster and faster, the elephants are hoovering food, and the blue-suited mahouts whirl in the rain like dervishes.’
    • ‘Walking down memory lane, Dr Paramesh spoke of how the company's founder-father M Manal chanced upon a herb that mahouts used to calm elephants and began to experiment with its benefits for humans.’
    • ‘The center also offers home stay packages which allow nature lovers to stay with the elephants and their mahouts, ranging from one, two or three - day packages.’
    • ‘Almost 100 elephants and their mahouts from Pattaya's tourist attractions also turned up to show off their animal's unique skills and give them a chance to enjoy a massive feast prepared especially for the jumbos.’
    • ‘Every mahout and kavadi (tribal elephant watcher) would be with the elephant to keep it in good humour, the Warden added.’
    • ‘The mayor explained to the mahouts who cooperated well that the elephants would be sent to Pattaya Elephant Village for a period not exceeding three months.’
    • ‘The elephants are taught to paint by their mahouts, who give them a paintsoaked brush and guide their trunks over large pieces of paper.’
    • ‘Despite a city ban a number of years ago, Pattaya is currently experiencing a resurgence in wandering elephants, as destitute mahouts look for extra income as the tourist season fades.’
    • ‘Included in the project were health check-ups for the elephants and safety training for mahouts and proprietors.’
    • ‘They learn that when a new young elephant is being trained, the mahout will not bathe for a week, so that the beast will remember his body odor.’
    • ‘However, as it turned out, the pachyderm was just feeding in roadside grasslands, but the mahout had left the animal on a very long chain and it was blocking one lane of traffic, with the animal's keeper nowhere in sight.’
    • ‘The mahouts make it look easy: you give a command to make the elephant lift its front leg, which you then use as a step to scramble up and sit on its neck, just behind its head, with your feet behind its ears.’
    • ‘When Lek and I arrive at Heaven, nine adult elephants and their mahouts were waiting for us at a river that runs the base of the mountain.’
    • ‘One of the most wonderful and exotic sights on Jomtien Beach in those days was when young, exuberant mahouts would take their elephants down to the seashore and wade in and go swimming.’
    • ‘Course content includes learning basic commands, how to drive an elephant, the bathing and daily care of an elephant, the feeding requirements and the lifestyle of a mahout.’
    • ‘Displaying their talents, these giants will perform shows such trunk painting and a mock elephant battle ridden by mahouts.’


From Hindi mahāvat.