Definition of Mahican in English:


(British Mohican)


  • 1A member of a North American people formerly inhabiting the Upper Hudson Valley in New York State.

    Compare with Mohegan
    • ‘He even went to Boston and Plymouth to consolidate an alliance with the Sokoquis, the Pennacooks, and the Mahicans against the Iroquois.’
    • ‘On the west side of the Hudson lived such tribes as the Mahicans, and further south the Munsee, On the east side of the river lived the Wappinger tribe.’
    • ‘Another ethnic group, the Mahicans, are descendants of American Indians who were brought to Saint David's Island from New York in the 1600s.’
    • ‘In order to secure their only chance for rescue, Cora gallantly persuaded Hawkeye and the Mohicans to try an escape - which they managed to do by swimming underwater downriver.’
    • ‘The US has hundreds of tribes of Native Americans, from the larger and familiar names of Apache, Sioux, Cherokee and Mohicans to the smaller and lesser-known Catawba, Kalispel and Quapaw.’
    • ‘‘Uncas’ was chief of the Mohicans when the tribe joined the Puritan settlers in a war against a fellow tribe (the Pequots) in the 1630s.’
    • ‘In 1710 three Mohawk chiefs, along with another from the Mahicans, visited Queen Anne in England to ask for military assistance against the French and for Anglican missionaries to teach their people.’
    • ‘The Apache, Sioux, Mohican, Comanche and other tribes, fighting losing battles against the superior numbers and superior firepower of the invaders, conducted guerrilla strikes again the settlers.’
    • ‘Merwick usually identifies Mohawk and Mahican, but just as frequently, groups of native peoples receive no identification.’
  • 2mass noun The extinct Algonquian language of the Mahicans.

    • ‘The Indians of the lower Hudson Valley spoke a dialect identified as Munsee; those living along the river to the north spoke Mahican.’
    • ‘Munsee, Mahican and Unami were closely related to each other.’


  • Relating to the Mahicans or their language.

    • ‘The Mahican language is no longer spoken, but the young people are trying to learn all about their history.’
    • ‘Edward Baldwin's upstate New York roots were identified by the Oneida, Mohawk, Mohican, and Iroquois lodes.’
    • ‘Long a supporter of missionary effort and an advocate of Christianizing and ‘civilizing ‘Indians, Edwards in 1751 became a missionary to Mahican and Mohawk Indians at Stockbridge, Massachusetts.’’


The name in Mahican, said to mean ‘wolf’.