Definition of magneto-optical in English:



  • Relating to or employing both optical and magnetic phenomena or technology.

    • ‘A magneto-optical flying head utilizes a steerable mirror in combination with a light source and a lens to write and read data onto a magneto-optical storage disk.’
    • ‘The ability of magneto-optical devices to randomly access vast amounts of data makes them best suited for fast retrieval of infrequently accessed archival data, unattended backup, and storage of large data files such as electronic images.’
    • ‘A wide array of other storage devices has been created since the dawn of the computer age, including punch cards, paper tape, zip drives, magneto-optical drives, and jaz drives.’
    • ‘For data archiving purposes the system is equipped with a magneto-optical disk drive.’
    • ‘Therefore, when the magneto-optical recording area and the pre-formatted recording area have substantially the same linear recording density, only one pit exists in the spot area of a reproducing beam.’