Definition of magneto-electric in English:



  • 1Relating to the electric currents generated in a material by its motion in a magnetic field.

    • ‘Various machines have been contrived for the production of magneto-electric currents; one of the most convenient of which is Saxton's magnetelectric machine.’
    • ‘Capt. S.B. Luce, United States Navy, commanding the flagship Hartford, has been conducting a series of experiments with a patent magneto-electric machine and automatic lamp, which it was proposed to introduce in the Navy for distant signaling at night, for detecting the approach of boats, and signaling in a fog.’
    1. 1.1 (of an electric generator) using permanent magnets.
      • ‘A notable modification in the construction of magneto- electric generators was made by Dr. Werner Siemens, of Berlin, in 1857, who greatly improved the shape of the armature-bobbins.’
      • ‘Also magneto-electric generators, with electromagnets, which are excited by currents from a separate generator, are not influenced by the disturbances in the circuit — a circumstance which gives this arrangement great advantage over the ordinary dynamo-electric machines.’