Definition of magnetizer in English:


(British magnetiser)


  • See magnetize

    • ‘In the course of time, a very considerable number of magnetisers, acknowledging Barbarin for their model, and called after him Barbarinists, appeared in different parts, and were believed to have effected some remarkable cures.’
    • ‘Not only had the magnetiser the power of making himself heard by the somnambulists, but he could make them follow him by merely pointing his finger at them from a distance, though they had their eyes the whole time completely closed.’
    • ‘Magnetized patients might be impervious to pain, obey the magnetizer's suggestions, or display abnormal abilities.’
    • ‘‘The Scherzo’, says M. Berlioz, ‘is an extraordinary composition’; the very opening, though containing nothing terrible in itself, produces the same inexplicable emotion that is caused by the gaze of a magnetiser [i.e. mesmerist].’
    • ‘In order to do this, he had to pierce the spiritual fog surrounding somnambulism, a fog that was traceable, in large part, to the practices of Franz Anton Mesmer and the ‘animal magnetizers’ of Europe.’