Definition of magnet school in English:

magnet school


  • A school designed to attract pupils from various areas or groups, especially one offering specialist tuition in a particular subject alongside the standard curriculum.

    ‘do the magnet schools attract the most able staff and pupils to the detriment of other schools in the area?’
    • ‘A blond, blue-eyed 7-year-old, Benjamin attends a Montessori magnet school just a block away from abandoned houses.’
    • ‘I also went to a publicly-funded magnet school that selected boys at the age of 11 on the basis of IQ tests and gave them a chance to succeed.’
    • ‘In 1983, at its third and present site, Inter-American became a magnet school for desegregation and had to absorb about 250 students although they were given the option of transferring to other schools.’
    • ‘When one is visiting our magnet school for the arts, the first thing one might notice is the ‘mobile sculptures’ airily suspended in each of the four outdoor stairwells.’
    • ‘I was teaching in a magnet school where middle school students could take three electives a quarter.’
    • ‘At the end of this year, the fifth year of the pilot, the school will be a total two-way bilingual immersion magnet school, financed primarily through the operational budget.’
    • ‘In the past 20 years, Waldorf has become the largest private school movement in the world, and Waldorf methods are now being taken up by a growing number of homeschooling families and public charter and magnet schools throughout the US.’
    • ‘Choice in the form of public magnet schools, charter schools, alternative schools, and the like is already expanding rapidly; the public is demanding it.’
    • ‘The school is described as a ‘multilingual magnet school that focuses on language and cultural development and that offers a rigorous curriculum based on interdisciplinary units and critical thinking skills’.’
    • ‘Academies costing millions can easily become selective (as research into American magnet schools has shown) and drain the schools round about of talent and social muscle.’
    • ‘Designated as a magnet school for voluntary desegregation, it attracts students from throughout the Chicago School District.’
    • ‘They are a magnet school for two disciplines: visual and performing arts, which encompasses art, drama and music; and physical education and sport science.’
    • ‘The town enjoys first-rate transport links, magnet schools and one-of-a-kind shopping outlets.’
    • ‘The students come from an unusually broad cross-section of education institutions - ranging from a magnet school famous for training elite scientific talent to inner-city schools.’
    • ‘The fact that Longfellow Elementary is a magnet school for Spanish and the fine arts, carries the assumption that students will become bilingual and will be well educated in the fine arts.’
    • ‘Harvard is a magnet school that recruits pupils from throughout the city.’
    • ‘Because Davis is a magnet school, many parents and students consciously choose this model as their educational option.’
    • ‘She went to a top high school, a magnet school, in her area (she lived in poor rural western Virginia), went to an Ivy League university, did a master's program, and is now in law school in New York.’
    • ‘And still another 13 percent of families has a choice among public schools, such as magnet schools, charter schools, and interdistrict choice programs.’
    • ‘The authors state that ‘the nature of public education is changing rapidly,’ and they mention the increase in the number of charter schools and magnet schools as examples.’


magnet school