Definition of magmatism in English:



mass nounGeology
  • The motion or activity of magma.

    • ‘Prior to Cretaceous magmatism, the region underwent three major episodes of deformation.’
    • ‘Lithologies, stratigraphy and magmatism in the southern tract compare well with those described from the Karamba Complex in the Ladakh Himalaya, further west along the suture zone.’
    • ‘These igneous rocks record the extensive magmatism that resulted from northward subduction of Neotethyan oceanic lithosphere beneath the Lhasa terrane.’
    • ‘The associated magmatism resulted in intrusion of volcanic rocks into the sedimentary basins, magmatic underplating at the base of the crust, and large amounts of extrusive material.’
    • ‘The contemporaneity in ophiolite formation and felsic arc magmatism suggests that intraoceanic subduction started soon after the opening of the ocean basin.’