Definition of magma chamber in English:

magma chamber


  • A reservoir of magma within the earth's crust beneath a volcano.

    • ‘The gist of the finding is that under the earth, the magma chambers do not consist of molten magma alone, but solid crystals are also found there.’
    • ‘The frequent but low-level activity of Vesuvius in recent centuries has relieved the build-up of pressure in the magma chamber.’
    • ‘It could also be that magma is somehow able to pass through the volcano without deforming it; or that the magma chamber is so deep that its deformations aren't visible at the surface.’
    • ‘When magma moves beneath a volcano, such as when the magma chamber fills prior to an eruption, there is swelling of the volcanic cone above.’
    • ‘The size and depth of these magma chambers can be determined by mapping the earthquake activity around them.’