Definition of magic circle in English:

magic circle


  • 1A small group of people privileged to receive confidential information or make important decisions.

    ‘her magic circle of friends and advisers’
    • ‘It has a deep loathing of serious debate and scrutiny of its policies, and prefers instead to rule through a magic circle of business and political cronies (who are of course not accountable to parliament).’
    • ‘‘We cannot have a magic circle in the Cabinet, people in the loop and people outside,’ he told the Yorkshire Post.’
    • ‘He had his inner circle of political editors and cronies (they know who they are!) and he took a special pride in conspicuously excluding people from the magic circle if they wrote the wrong things.’
    • ‘The party have tried election by MP's and they've tried election by the membership, and now in their hour of need, they appear to have gone back to election by the magic circle.’
    • ‘We hope you will join us, and raise our flag over your homes and magic circles as a sign of your solidarity.’
    • ‘Outside of this magic circle are cabinet, Parliament, the parliamentary and extra-parliamentary party and the line departments.’
    • ‘For the 95 percent outside this magic circle in what was once the undisputed capital of the wine world, life has grown grim.’
    • ‘At the conference, the Australian psychoanalyst Alexandra Pope breaks the magic circle of consensus by suggesting that the fury and distress women feel premenstrually might be motivated by solid life causes.’
    • ‘Tubridy had finally elbowed his way into the magic circle.’
    • ‘The Magic Box started in 1905 by an American policeman who was actually a member of a magic circle in New York called ‘Magic Cops’ which operated out of one of the precincts.’
    • ‘Using strangulated syntax instead of plain English means that the real meaning can be concealed from all save the magic circle of fellow-professionals who are in on the act.’
    • ‘They barged their way into the magic circle by merging in 1987 and made themselves pre-eminent in servicing international banking and finance giants.’
    • ‘Another occasional member of the magic circle is property investor Robert Tchenguiz, who often shares City gossip with Green and Hunter at his rented home in St Tropez or his house near the Royal Albert Hall.’
    • ‘Let's face it, he always had a credibility problem: all that jazz-goes-baroque was simply too accessible and melodic to appeal to the more fashion-conscious members of the magic circle.’
    • ‘Of course, this was angrily resented by those outside the magic circle, especially if they were themselves intellectuals in every respect save being represented by him.’
  • 2(in the UK) a society of conjurors.

    ‘the youngest female member in the history of the Magic Circle’