Definition of magic carpet in English:

magic carpet


  • (in stories set in Arabia) a mythical carpet that is able to transport people through the air.

    • ‘There is also a legend that King Solomon of Israel flew to Oman on a magic carpet with his jinn (a spirit who can take on human or other animal form).’
    • ‘Although its magic carpet indeed flies, this ‘Aladdin’ leans toward old-fashioned theater, with painted backdrops.’
    • ‘Even in a movie such as Aladdin, my favourite moment is when the magic carpet comes alive.’
    • ‘Seaside entertainer Tony Lidington (who has flown on a magic carpet himself) explores the symbolism and language of carpets.’
    • ‘Journey into the land of magic carpets, palaces and genies, as Kingston experiences a taste of the Middle East.’
    • ‘Barcelono perused the dock, admiring, from a distance, the little shops with thatched awnings selling goblets of smoking liquid, magic carpets, and ice that, when given love, became gold.’
    • ‘Mint had fallen off the cliff, her eyes closed, only to float on a magic carpet.’
    • ‘Libby Hague's Our Town tells the story of six-year - old Molly who ‘only wants a prince, a magic carpet and a happy ending.’’
    • ‘Hampered by such reduced status, the pair start out once again to overcome Jaffar, this time with the aid of a genie and a magic carpet.’
    • ‘The breathtaking effects - genies in bottles, magic carpets - are by stage illusionist Paul Kieve, responsible for the famous cherry - spitting scene in the hit West End musical The Witches Of Eastwick.’
    • ‘Anto flies on a magic carpet to various places to gather new information and convey it to viewers in the second round titled ‘Magic carpet’.’
    • ‘With a click of his fingers, the performer summoned the magic carpet, which began to stir from its position on the floor, floating back up so that he could jump safely down on to it.’
    • ‘I remember him saying that it was really hard to write A Whole New World for Aladdin, when they're flying in the magic carpet over the world.’
    • ‘These rivals to The Thousand and One Nights still tell tales of stratagems and spoils, but, as time passed and the empire grew, magic carpets and roc's eggs made way for mail routes and railways.’
    • ‘Grab that magic carpet and let it transport you to the world of the Arabian Nights, as our hero - a cheeky, streetwise lad - tries to win the heart and hand of a princess.’
    • ‘He explained to the imp that they needed to take the public inter-dimensional service to the nearby island of Pisterburrow where they could charter a magic carpet to take them to Oront'Do.’
    • ‘There might be a magic carpet swooping the Sligo skyline as Aladdin and his princess arrive for the show.’
    • ‘It was as if the fabled magic carpet was flown in all the way from Casablanca.’
    • ‘We'll just fly up to the north on our invisible magic carpet.’
    • ‘Ancient books lay on unstable shelves and dust flew through the air like magic carpets.’


magic carpet