Definition of made man in English:

made man


North American
  • 1A man whose success in life is assured.

    ‘he became a made man in Hollywood when he was hired to run a film studio’
    • ‘While he brought the depth needed to the character's past as a prizefighter (the boxing flashbacks were very well done) he simply didn't look the part of an Italian made man.’
    • ‘McManus, though, remains a modest rather than a made man as he prepares for the major test of Premierleague leaders Hearts at Celtic Park on Saturday.’
    • ‘And with it, Christopher Nolan announces that he is a made man in the family of the very top filmmakers in the world today.’
    • ‘Paul Walker is Brian Spindler, a racing amateur looking to become a made man in Toretto's organization.’
    • ‘All these made men - you took stock of them by how nice they dressed, what kind of watch they wore, what kind of shoes, what suit.’
    • ‘She knew L's father was a made man and could easily make that happen but the problem was Diamond.’
    • ‘They take vows of fidelity to the Family, and they respect other made men.’
    • ‘Ahead of his August 2002 arrival in Scotland, Hedman appeared a made man.’
    • ‘A made man, Whelan became a regular fixture on RTE television, presenting Where in the World?’
    • ‘Kernaghan is suddenly a made man, part of the Rolodex of the press.’
    • ‘Apparently, you aren't a made man unless you have a monicker to append to your given name.’
    1. 1.1 A man who has been formally inducted as a full member of the Mafia.
      • ‘Sal wanted to be a made man.’
      • ‘But his Albanian origins and lacking Sicilian blood meant that he could never rise up the ranks to become a "made man".’
      • ‘When the tapes were released this year, you could hear these genuine made men arguing about which Sopranos character they were meant to be.’
      • ‘He plays Christopher Moltisanti, a recent made man in the Soprano organization.’
      • ‘When I asked him what my job would be as a "made man" he informed me that it would be entirely up to me.’
      • ‘By the time he was "pulled out" of his undercover life, he was about to become a "made man" in the Mob.’
      • ‘He once compared entering the inner circle to becoming a "made man" in a Mafia family.’
      • ‘Television shows such as The Sopranos have made Americans as familiar with the language and customs of the Mafia as any made man.’