Definition of maddening in English:



  • Extremely annoying.

    ‘she put the coins back with maddening slowness’
    • ‘To retire without attempting the crime of the century would leave a criminal genius with a maddening irritation, not unlike the phantom itch of an amputated leg.’
    • ‘He could be enlightening, terribly funny, extremely kind and utterly maddening - depending on his frame of mind.’
    • ‘They are lovable and charming, infuriating and maddening.’
    • ‘The numbness is so extreme, she added, that she could stick herself with pins and wouldn't feel it - something made all the more maddening by the fact that if she has an itch in her foot, no amount of scratching will soothe it.’
    • ‘We are all finding it maddening and frustrating but we are trying to get on with our lives as best we can, and it isn't easy.’
    • ‘If anything, her style can only be described as hectoring, more sniping than frontal attack, irritating and occasionally maddening in its circumlocution.’
    • ‘The doll gives us no answer, clams up, refuses dialogue, cleaves to some inconsolable secret; eventually the child's frustration can take this maddening silence no more.’
    • ‘What makes similar incidents in these areas so maddening is that one hears the same story from both sides over and over again without ever finding out who was right and who was wrong.’
    • ‘She can be difficult, maddening and infuriating, but underneath all the bombastics, ultimately engaging.’
    • ‘The voice-over narration feels, for the most part, unnecessary and irritating, and the maddening slowness of enunciation and the monotony of intonation feel tired and false.’
    • ‘The maddening thing about the essays themselves is their expression of an attitude toward ‘outsiders’ that obviously is still being handed down from generation to generation.’
    • ‘By this time Nicholas was becoming a bit irritated - Erin was maddening enough in normal circumstances, but to have him also be right several times in a row was really too much.’
    • ‘The maddening thing is that the government is supporting one source of renewable energy over another.’
    • ‘Goldsmith recognized that every struggling business and grassroots organization in his city faced a maddening array of government regulations, most of them of no value to the public.’
    • ‘So I will thank in advance anybody who is sticking with me through this story, I know how maddening it can be when an author takes forever to update.’
    • ‘What amazed me even more were the actual people downstairs at the check-in counter who never offered assistance in the first place, suddenly had this maddening curiosity to know of my dilemma.’
    • ‘Choosing the right internet connection provider can mean the difference between speedy and consistent connections and irritating and maddening disconnections.’
    • ‘That style isn't too popular among some players, but it is the right way to go, even though the coordinator can take it to maddening extremes at times.’
    • ‘In a story that's alternately amusing, maddening and gut-wrenching, Foul Ball marks a welcome return for a legendary voice.’
    • ‘It was a neat neologism that hinted at both intent and maddening randomness: something banal had been made into a weapon, and like a handgun or a hunting knife, it could accidentally kill you.’
    infuriating, exasperating, irritating, annoying, provoking, upsetting, vexing, irksome, unsettling, disturbing, troublesome, bothersome, vexatious, galling
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