Definition of madarosis in English:



mass nounMedicine
  • Absence or loss of the eyelashes (and sometimes the eyebrows), either as a congenital condition or as a result of an infection.

    • ‘Complications of this procedure include depigmentation of the skin, eyelid notching, madarosis, severe postoperative pain, edema, symblepharon, necrosis, and regrowth.’
    • ‘Important complications observed were loss of eyebrows, madarosis and lagophthalmos: corneal involvement due to lagophthalmos were mainly present in lepromatous leprosy.’
    • ‘In our sample, the most common preoperative complication of leprosy was madarosis, which was similar to a study performed in the USA.’
    • ‘Fig.2 The anterior lid margins show erythema and moderate madarosis of the lower lashes.’
    • ‘Treatments are available for madarosis but are generally initiated by an ophthalmologist or dermatologist’


Late 17th century: modern Latin, from Greek, ‘baldness’, from madaros ‘bald’.