Definition of macrostructure in English:



  • The large-scale or overall structure of something, e.g. an organism, a mechanical construction, or a written text.

    • ‘In their chiral nematic states, the materials have a helical macrostructure which acts like a diffraction grating and selectively reflect light just like a compact disc does.’
    • ‘Freud gives the example of the army as an analogous macrostructure of supra-individual subjectivation.’
    • ‘To understand the self-assembly mechanism of a given oligopeptide, it is necessary to study the conditions under which the oligopeptides aggregate and further develop into macrostructures.’
    • ‘The term microstructure is used to characterize the fine structure of the skeletal material of which various skeletal macrostructures are constructed.’
    • ‘Amazingly, this response allows the wild-type oligomeric PSII structure and the granal membrane to be maintained, emphasizing the importance and robustness of the thylakoid macrostructure.’
    • ‘Most 3 - D imaging modalities are slow to acquire images and only show macrostructures within the living tissue instead of what is happening at the cellular level where drugs succeed or fail.’
    • ‘As suggested above by Carr, however, there is not a clear, unambiguous macrostructure for the book; and this makes for a complex unity.’
    • ‘This may not be fossilization as we know it, of large macrostructures, but fossilization at a molecular level.’
    • ‘Their macrostructures are similar to those of present-day soils, with pseudo-anticlinal structures and cuspate structures comparable to those produced by the expansion and contraction of swelling clays.’
    • ‘The diffusion coefficients determined are then averaged over the macrostructure of the surrounding excited volume.’
    • ‘The macrostructures disclosed the presence of equiaxed grains as well as areas of mixed grain structure.’
    • ‘Chapter 8 uses the ideas of complex nonlinear systems to help explain how a myriad of microinteractions (usually at the individual level) helps govern the activities of macrostructures.’