Definition of macroscopic in English:



  • 1Visible to the naked eye; not microscopic.

    • ‘The macroscopic membranes or plaques can interfere with or even prevent cell-to-cell communications, which results in neurological disorders.’
    • ‘The presence of myocardial infarction was confirmed by macroscopic and histological examination of the myocardium.’
    • ‘Bottom-dwelling shellfish, ammonites, etc., occur within this matrix as a distinguishable, generally macroscopic component.’
    • ‘Almost two thirds of people with adult polycystic kidney disease also develop microscopic or macroscopic haematuria.’
    • ‘Assessment of laser radiation on biological tissue has traditionally been limited to macroscopic effects and histopathological endpoint analysis.’
    • ‘Banded iron formations are so named in part because of their distinctive banded or layered structure, which occurs at various scales from microscopic to macroscopic.’
    • ‘Changes on the microscopic level eventually spill over into the macroscopic level.’
    • ‘Starting at the macroscopic chromosome level we see that its structure can strongly vary throughout the cell cycle on timescales of hours or days.’
    • ‘All those concerned with disorders of the human body must start from a background of knowledge of its normal macroscopic and microscopic structure.’
    • ‘These elements include loading conditions, rate of crack growth, and macroscopic and microscopic appearance of fracture surfaces.’
    • ‘The diagnosis was based on macroscopic, histologic, immunohistochemical, and occasionally ultrastructural features.’
    • ‘Here we use reconstituted actin gels seeded with particles as a model system to explore the relation between the macroscopic and microscopic properties of actin.’
    • ‘The Cambrian fossil record suggests that many metazoans were macroscopic and adapted for life in the macrobenthos.’
    • ‘At the microscopic and macroscopic levels fracture results from the passage of a crack through a region of material.’
    • ‘Another part of us recognizes instinctively that nature designs in fractals, with intriguing detail on every scale from the microscopic to the macroscopic.’
    • ‘Wound reactions of trees have been the subject of numerous investigations at the macroscopic and microscopic levels.’
    • ‘On the scale of an erythrocyte, a change in the primary nucleation rates could have profound effects even if macroscopic experiments revealed very little difference.’
    • ‘Temporal programs reflecting the 24 h cycle of day and night are expressed by most organisms from microscopic cyanobacteria to macroscopic humans.’
    • ‘The oldest fossil that may represent a macroscopic organism is about 2.1 billion years old.’
    • ‘Energy is not only involved in macroscopic processes, but in microscopic processes as well.’
  • 2Relating to large-scale or general analysis.

    • ‘The essays are heavily laced with anger, remorse and angst, as Powell examines his life on microscopic and macroscopic levels.’
    • ‘While we remain perplexed about how the microscopic and the macroscopic relate to each other, this extension in the direction of the cosmic is a bold move whose feasibility is not necessarily obvious.’
    • ‘The macroscopic table and the submicroscopic table are the same table; what differs is our viewpoint, our scale and level of reference when we consider the table.’
    • ‘Some modelling techniques are a combination of both models and cannot be defined as either solely macroscopic or microscopic.’
    • ‘The shifting scale which allows the artist to see events from both a macroscopic and microscopic perspective forestalls the despair which enveloped his hero Goya at the end of his life.’
    • ‘Director Wolfgang Becker focuses on the microscopic to explore the macroscopic as he tells the story of a small family divided by incompatible political ideologies and the changes wrought by time.’
    • ‘Hence some studies require the more detailed analysis which can be undertaken by macroscopic simulation models or dense network assignment models.’
    • ‘Ultimately, El Hanani's drawings are meditations on the relationship of the macroscopic to the microscopic, the infinite to the infinitesimal.’
    • ‘This type of leadership involves microscopic perceptions and macroscopic expectations.’