Definition of macrophyte in English:



  • An aquatic plant large enough to be seen by the naked eye.

    • ‘The extensive belt of submerged and emergent littoral macrophytes dampened wave action nearshore, so that fine-grained muds could accumulate in shallow water between the vegetation.’
    • ‘Sessile aquatic macrophytes, however, cannot maintain the same well-defined three-dimensional structure because of the strong drag and shear forces of moving water.’
    • ‘The sewage lagoons provided a very localized but relatively species-rich ecosystem, which acted as a cutrophic oasis of algae and aquatic macrophytes and benefited birds at several trophic levels.’
    • ‘Both marine birds feeding at sea and macrophytes and carrion washing ashore were significant sources of marine-derived nutrients in the Great Barrier Reef and the Gulf of California.’
    • ‘The distribution of aquatic macrophytes in shallow lakes is related in various ways to the physical characteristics of the lakes and their bottom sediments.’