Definition of macrocycle in English:



  • See macrocyclic

    • ‘Very few porphyrins are known to form J-aggregates, the main requisite being the zwitterionic character with the protonation of the pyrrole nitrogen in the macrocycle.’
    • ‘If this view of the HRP-benzene complex is correct, the interacting benzene molecule shall significantly perturb the symmetry of the heme macrocycle.’
    • ‘However, similar spectral changes can also be produced by the protonation of the macrocycle at the azomethine nitrogens, although there are very few reports in which this phenomenon is discussed.’
    • ‘Particular attention was given to the family of chlorins that differ from porphyrins only by saturation of a peripheral double bond of the macrocycle.’
    • ‘Their device was based on a supramolecular system consisting of a p-electron-donating macrocycle threaded with a p-electron-accepting wire-like molecule.’