Definition of macrocarpa in English:



  • A Californian cypress tree with a large spreading crown of horizontal branches and leaves that smell of lemon when crushed.

    Also called Monterey cypress
    • ‘Massive macrocarpa were felled in the areas now known as the children's playground, Goodwin Dell and Ambush Gully.’
    • ‘Today the view is hidden behind mighty macrocarpa and native bush, but the setting is no less awe inspiring.’
    • ‘Perspective moves back as the canvases widen to capture the sweep of the plains and the Port Hills, flanks of foothills, cloud shadows swarming over land, rows of vigilant macrocarpa, rashes of pine forest.’
    • ‘One that remained had been converted into a permanent home, protected from the house-flattening storms by a stand of macrocarpa which enveloped completely the house.’
    • ‘I would like to table the example, which is the exact same species on the valley floor of Card Creek: macrocarpa.’
    • ‘During that time, Jack discovered a lack of fences, a dark forest of macrocarpa, small bridges with rotting rails and a larger one needing a fresh splash of red.’
    • ‘Only a ring of macrocarpas is left to mark the spot where the building was destroyed by fire.’
    • ‘The site can still be picked up by a line of macrocarpas stumps.’
    • ‘In 1901 a new homestead had been built of kauri and lined with macrocarpa.’
    • ‘Timbers - jarrah, kauri, macrocarpa - were hand adzed to ‘give them a woody character, and the forest origin of the timber is not lost.’’
    • ‘In addition to the fir trees there are rowan, macrocarpa, eucalyptus and larch, and some native plants such as hard fern, matagouri, tussock, manuka, coprosma, and dracophyllum (the grass tree).’
    • ‘Beside the field was a thick tangled patch of macrocarpa trees.’
    • ‘Other attractions of the Takapu Road area include the Bucket Tree, a remarkable living tree sculpture made from an ancient macrocarpa, and the adjacent motel and bar.’
    • ‘He ate holes in the macrocarpa hedge so that the kids could supply him with sweets and apples.’
    • ‘It is built of macrocarpa from Orton Bradley Park.’
    • ‘They searched low and then high, finally spying Tiger at the tip-top of a macrocarpa tree.’
    • ‘East coast means browned off grass, old-man pine and macrocarpa on the ridges.’
    • ‘The brighter side to the carnage is that it has hit exotic species hardest, particularly pines and macrocarpas.’
    • ‘The bar has designed its female toilets to impress - with large slabs of macrocarpa as sinks and TV screens playing music videos.’
    • ‘They particularly like the bark of macrocarpa.’


Early 20th century: modern Latin, from macro- + Greek karpos ‘fruit’.