Definition of macro in English:


nounPlural macros

  • 1Computing
    A single instruction that expands automatically into a set of instructions to perform a particular task.

    • ‘The entire analysis is performed by a single macro in an Excel worksheet.’
    • ‘No standardized macros or any preformatted text were used.’
    • ‘Overseas, ‘we were relying on Excel spreadsheets with macros for currency conversion, and a lot of people stapling receipts to reports.’’
    • ‘Other documents automatically load the viral macros from this file when they are opened.’
    • ‘Another type of virus, known as a ‘macro’ virus, can infect word processing and spreadsheet documents that use macros.’
  • 2Photography
    A macro lens.

    • ‘We used a Nikonos V camera and the full range of lenses from 35 mm to macro.’
    • ‘Many also double as macro (close-up) lenses - very useful.’
    • ‘A standard 50 mm lens will work, but a 55 mm lens with macro capability will allow extreme close-ups.’
    • ‘To get this close, you need a macro or close-focusing lens.’
    • ‘This is my first camera with a decent macro, so please forgive my temporary indulgence with this feature.’


  • 1Large-scale; overall.

    ‘the analysis of social events at the macro level’
    • ‘Why would this not apply at the macro level as well?’
    • ‘You have to recognise that what you can do at micro level is constrained by the macro level.’
    • ‘‘The peace programme also operates in the border regions and has made a difference at a local level, but at the macro level more investment and resources are required,’ she said.’
    • ‘This is exactly what they've done on a macro level to the developing countries of the world.’
    • ‘To the extent that it actually boosts consumption at the expense of investment and the foreign trade balance, the net result from a macro perspective is overall impoverishment.’
    • ‘Complicating matters, on the macro level at least, Nazif's reforms have definitely been generating a positive response on the international scene at the same time.’
    • ‘It's quite condescending, from my perspective, but I would like to suggest that perhaps promotion of religion and religious activity, on a macro level, might be an effective deterrent for child abuse.’
    • ‘In an economy in which the overall macro variable of real income is fixed or cyclical but individual shares are stochastic, a noninflationary equilibrium exists.’
    • ‘In reality, the gap between subatomic quantum effects and large-scale macro systems is too large to bridge.’
    • ‘At the macro level, the dominant division is between " The West and the rest, " with the most intense conflicts occurring between Muslim and Asian societies on the one hand, and the West on the other.’
    • ‘But if entrepreneurs can discover new opportunities for higher profits, the decline does not happen, at least on the macro level.’
    • ‘There is a great amount of flexibility at the macro level of international law because of the fundamental anarchy of the post-Westphalian system of sovereign states.’
    • ‘On a macro level these distinctions could be drawn between continental Europe and the United States, with Australia and the partially Thatcherized UK lying somewhere in between.’
    • ‘Both the Tories and Labour appear locked in a struggle to out-do each other in the minutiae of their policies which, at a macro level, are virtually indistinguishable in too many areas, from PFI to public sector job cuts.’
    • ‘At the more macro level, the under-funding of the public system and the consequent lack of attention to equity stems from a chronically low tax base, and an all-too-little-progressive tax system.’
    • ‘We have long said that the cyclical recovery currently underway at macro level has only been made possible by aggressive cost-cutting at the individual company level.’
    • ‘It's important both at the macro level - why is output-per-man-hour 20 percent higher than it was five years ago?’
    • ‘Whereas individual doctors, nurses and auxiliary staff apply themselves most diligently to patient care at macro levels there is a general culture of exculpation for the inadequacies of the system.’
    • ‘The effort to harvest rainwater has been started on a macro level by INTACH and other organisations, and at the micro level by residents of welfare associations.’
    • ‘The problem is, we're generally not very good at water management, at anywhere from the micro level of individual houses and gardens to the macro level of reservoirs and mains supply.’
  • 2Photography
    Relating to macrophotography.

    ‘your lens has a macro setting for shooting big close-ups’
    • ‘If you're into macro photography, keep your lens caps off and your strobes charged.’
    • ‘In some cases, a single diver would have a closed-circuit rebreather, bail-out cylinders, large video-camera housing and both wide-angle and macro still cameras!’
    • ‘Shooting with flash, you can do macro photography from 30 cm to 80 cm (between 1.0 feet and 2.6 feet).’
    • ‘For more serious work, a macro lens or a zoom with a macro feature offers superior quality.’
    • ‘Fossils were initially photographed in color using a Nikon 995 digital camera in macro mode at a fine JPEG setting.’