Definition of Mach's principle in English:

Mach's principle


  • The hypothesis that a body's inertial mass results from its interaction with the rest of the matter in the universe.

    • ‘Sciama was very keen on Mach's principle, the idea that objects owe their inertia to the influence of all the other matter in the universe.’
    • ‘Einstein also had philosophical reasons for preferring large-scale smoothness, stemming from an idea called Mach's principle.’
    • ‘According to Mach, the slopping of your drink in the lurching aeroplane is attributable to the influence of all the matter in the Universe-an idea that became known as Mach's principle.’
    • ‘Instead, Mach's principle is realized wholly within general relativity, in a way that ties in with string theory and the black hole membrane paradigm.’
    • ‘Working with his graduate student Carl Brans, Dicke incorporated Mach's principle into an alternate theory of gravity by adding an extra term to Einstein's equations.’