Definition of macaroon in English:



  • A light biscuit made with egg white, sugar, and ground almonds or coconut.

    • ‘Wrinkly tights, coconut macaroons, eye shadow and Mrs Overall's home-made sherry were all visibly waiting in the wings.’
    • ‘No one really knows why coconut macaroons work, though folklore from around the world suggests that coconut is known for its anti-diarrheal properties.’
    • ‘My whole childhood I thought of a macaroon as a coconut cookie: who knew they could be so much more?’
    • ‘The coconut macaroons are far more delicious, little sugary balls of the desiccated nut.’
    • ‘When she finally decided to get up and start the day, she was surprised to find a dozen white roses on her desk, accompanied by a box of strawberry scented candles and some coconut macaroons.’
    • ‘Lois had made coconut macaroons, Carlile's favorites, and built a fire in the woodstove.’
    • ‘I baked my first batch of Christmas cookies today - almond macaroons.’
    • ‘He's been eating two coconut macaroons a day for about two weeks.’
    • ‘I had chronic diarrhea for over a year, and the coconut macaroons did nothing for it.’
    • ‘Before going any further, I wanted to make one thing clear: French macarons are NOT equivalent to American macaroons, represented by coconut macaroons.’
    • ‘It came with a straw, swizzle stick and a tiny macaroon biscuit.’
    • ‘Many of the recipes would make brilliant 11 th-hour gifts: sweet biscotti, chocolate macaroons, triple chocolate pretzels, white chocolate mint truffles and creamy pistachio toffee.’
    • ‘To assemble the sandwiches, arrange half the butter cookies, mint macaroons, anise macaroons, and brownies on a flat work surface.’
    • ‘Strangely, Kirsty Wark was selling biscuits and macaroons at this week's farmers' market in aid of a cancer charity.’
    • ‘For the almond macaroons, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.’
    • ‘After reading your column I went and purchased coconut macaroons and ate two of them in the parking lot.’
    • ‘I told her I had read about coconut macaroons for diarrhea in your column, but she said it's crazy.’
    • ‘But both the French macaron and the American macaroon are based on the crisp Italian meringue cookies made of whipped egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds or bitter apricot kernels, called amaretti.’
    • ‘He finished off two huge helpings with gusto and annihilated my entire collection of home-baked almond macaroons.’
    • ‘As a modest early offering, I sent him a dozen homemade chocolate-covered coconut macaroons, and Brandon sent back four bottles of Ithaca Nut Brown Ale and one of his favorite bourbons.’


Late 16th century: from French macaron, from Italian maccarone (see macaroni).