Definition of maa in English:



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  • (of a sheep, lamb, or goat) bleat.

    • ‘These sweet little guys "maaed" and wrestled and jumped around to get our attention and food.’
    • ‘She maaed so loud I could hear her in the house with the door closed.’
    • ‘Sheep made their way into the barn, goats maaed to one another.’
    • ‘Kizzy was maaing so loudly she got the human's attention.’
    • ‘A noisy mixed herd of goats and sheep clomped over the wooden bridge, baaing and maaing their little head off.’
    baa, cry, call
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  • The cry of a sheep, lamb, or goat.

    • ‘The goat let out another loud maa.’
    • ‘When he was feeding the sheep, Dad heard this little maa.’
    • ‘He looked up at her and gave a maa.’
    • ‘Immediately we crested the hill we were greeted with maas of delight.’
    • ‘They barely even let out a maa.’


Early 18th century: imitative; compare with baa.