Definition of lysine in English:



mass nounBiochemistry
  • A basic amino acid which is a constituent of most proteins. It is an essential nutrient in the diet of vertebrates.

    Chemical formula: NH₂(CH₂)₄CH(NH₂)COOH

    • ‘They found that two amino acids in particular, tryptophan and lysine, were essential for normal growth in rats.’
    • ‘Hydroxyl radicals oxidize amino acids such as lysine, serine, arginine, and proline.’
    • ‘Arginine appears to counteract the hypercholesterolemic effect of the essential amino acids lysine and methionine.’
    • ‘Rice is high in protein, but these proteins are low in the essential amino acid lysine.’
    • ‘The most prevalent amino acid is cysteine with other major ones including tyrosine, histidine, lysine and arginine.’


Late 19th century: from German Lysin, based on lysis.