Definition of lyrically in English:



  • 1In a manner which expresses emotions in an imaginative and beautiful way.

    ‘he spoke lyrically of his childhood’
    • ‘In a lyrically crafted homily, he displayed his mastery of words to criticize the world's major nations for presiding over the destruction of the environment.’
    • ‘The play's often epigrammatic language can be ironic, bitter, philosophical, and even lyrically tender.’
    • ‘Dancers in the foreground render human life, beautifully and lyrically.’
    • ‘I paint my scenes spontaneously as the narrative develops lyrically in me.’
    • ‘This is the painter at his most lyrically compelling.’
    • ‘He varies his technique, sometimes painting lyrically, sometimes crudely, with a near garish palette.’
    • ‘She gives a lyrically engaging performance.’
    • ‘The photograph documenting this action is lyrically beautiful.’
    • ‘The original actor set the standard here for a lyrically beautiful loser, for which this remake actor is physically unqualified.’
    • ‘It is used here to pull apart complacency, to lyrically deconstruct everyday communication.’
  • 2With reference to the words of a popular song.

    ‘the new songs are more interesting, both musically and lyrically’
    • ‘I like the songs that lyrically dissect opposing emotions and combine them within one song.’
    • ‘Lyrically, he favors rhymes and trivia more here than in his previous work.’
    • ‘Her most vulnerable work to date is a record that lyrically tackles everything from intimidating social gatherings to parenthood.’
    • ‘This piece is lyrically substandard to the surrounding material, and the closing title track doesn't find its sea legs until the very end.’
    • ‘It seems obvious here that he took his time with his rhymes, leaving few holes in his album lyrically.’
    • ‘The album is lyrically obsessed with time and death, and musically infatuated with bad music from the 1980s.’
    • ‘Lyrically, it's filled with the singer's trademark dense, one-sided conversations in the first- and second-person.’
    • ‘Lyrically, the songs on the record are intense and at times melancholy.’
    • ‘Few have songs as lyrically complex and make them seem like simple sing-alongs.’
    • ‘Lyrically, these songs have the power to leave a lasting impression on young ears.’