Definition of luxate in English:



  • Dislocate:

    ‘the joint may become fixed into the luxated position’
    • ‘An inherited tendency, luxating patella can be aggravated by excess weight.’
    • ‘The hind-leg problems that trouble Boston terriers are known as luxating patella, a dislocation of the small, flat, moveable bone at the front of the knee.’
    • ‘Any luxated tooth that interferes with normal occlusion requires immediate dental evaluation and treatment to avoid pain and further complications.’
    • ‘The patella can become luxated, or dislocated, either as a result of trauma or because of a congenital malformation of the leg.’
    • ‘The degree of abnormality can range from mild to extreme and can affect other skeletal problems including hip dysplasia, luxating patellae, osteochondritis dissecans and spina bifida.’
    put out of joint, put out of place, displace, disjoint, disconnect, disengage
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Early 17th century: from Latin luxat- dislocated, from the verb luxare, from luxus out of joint.