Definition of lutist in English:



  • 1A lute player.

    • ‘King Ahmed and Queen Delara say that I play better than any thirty year old lutists, as I am only fourteen.’
    • ‘It was Sisilla, regal and sophisticated in her dress of rose lace and brocade; unescorted, she danced alone for the lutist, smiling and laughing as she did so.’
    • ‘However, because the singer, Claudine Ansermet, was ill, the lutist Paolo Cherici put together a program of solo lute pieces instead, which was quite enjoyable.’
    • ‘A platform was set up in front of it for the performers: 5 singers, 2 lutists, Denis Raisin-Dadre on the recorder, and four players on viola da gambe.’
  • 2A maker of lutes; a luthier.

    • ‘But the rain was beautiful, even if it was a lutist's worst nightmare.’
    • ‘He could become a lutist, a farmer - all he needs is someone to believe in him and he could do it.’