Definition of Lutheran in English:



  • 1A follower of Martin Luther.

    • ‘Of special interest for Lutherans is the constructive potential of Jewish-Christian dialogue to contribute to our understanding of the relationship between law and gospel.’
    • ‘Roman Catholics, Calvinists, and Lutherans together constituted slightly over 90 percent of all religious affiliations of Hungarian Americans.’
    • ‘Baptists, Swedish and Dutch Lutherans, Dutch Calvinists, and a handful of Catholics also worshiped there.’
    • ‘The Pietists in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries were a good deal less interested than the orthodox Lutherans in Luther as a teacher of true doctrine.’
    • ‘Some smaller, more radical religious groups claimed that the Lutherans and Calvinists had not gone far enough in reforming Christianity.’
    • ‘As the Orthodox advanced their theosis theology the Lutherans began to sense that very similar ideas were present in Luther's theology.’
    • ‘To contrast the witness with those in the mixture is simply to restate the difference between Anabaptist and Lutheran.’
    • ‘These Lutherans were pietist and puritanical, expecting the imminent apocalypse.’
    • ‘But as the Sea Beggars got stronger, they started to persecute Catholics, Anabaptists and Lutherans.’
    • ‘To protect their understanding of Christian freedom, these Lutherans refused to be compelled in matters of church usages when the secular arm of authority was forcing the issue.’
    • ‘In the post-Reformation period the church divided into Calvinist, Lutheran, and Anabaptist camps, and the issue has gone unresolved until the present day.’
    • ‘The region was a mixture of Calvinists, Lutherans, Catholics and Anabaptists.’
    • ‘In their reaction to what they saw as papal arrogance, Luther and early Lutherans said that since the time of the apostles no one person had a mandate for carrying out the universal mission of God.’
    • ‘Catholics, along with Lutherans and Calvinists in Europe, fiercely persecuted the Anabaptists, and for four hundred years there had been few efforts at reconciliation.’
    • ‘There was not a word or phrase that would have suggested that Luther not only wasn't a Lutheran, he wasn't even a Christian or believer of any kind at all.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Lutherans felt very frustrated by the orthodox wing of the Dutch Reformed Church, which tried to minimize the Lutheran influence.’
    • ‘It may also be worth noting that his theology and his ‘reverence for life’ ethic were considered too ‘spacious’ by many of his fellow Lutherans!’
    • ‘The fact that Luther is what I have called ‘alive’ has invited many good Lutherans to become more ‘Lutheran’ than Luther himself.’
    • ‘Among them were the heat, drought, frost, floods, loneliness, isolation, lack of medical facilities and money and last but not least doctrinal differences among the Lutherans themselves.’
    • ‘The Calvinists also thought the Lutherans were too docile politically, and the Lutherans accused the Calvinists of resisting the legitimate Prince.’
    nonconformist, protestant, freethinker, recusant
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    1. 1.1 A member of the Lutheran Church.
      • ‘The last named has been adopted by the Lutheran, Reformed tradition, and Methodist Churches that had previously developed a lectionary of their own.’
      • ‘Other important denominations include Roman Catholics, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, and Anglicans, the last led by Nobel Peace Prize winner Bishop Desmond Tutu.’
      • ‘Those who remained religious fell into three separate groups: Laestadians, Lutherans, and free church Protestants.’
      • ‘The Evangelical Church is a unified Protestant church, which combines Lutherans, Reformed Protestants, and United Protestants.’
      • ‘Although most ethnic Hungarians belong to the Reformed church, Lutherans constitute the country's largest Protestant denomination.’
      • ‘Lithuania is mainly Roman Catholic, with some Lutherans and a few members of other churches.’
      • ‘Today, Muslims in the United States outnumber Episcopalians, Lutherans, Presbyterians, the United Church of Christ and many other Christian denominations.’
      • ‘The long-term hope is for the sharing of the Eucharist between Lutherans and Catholics.’
      • ‘Similarly, Lutherans agreed to the Anglican practice of ordination by a bishop, not a pastor.’
      • ‘The Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Mormons all have impressive emergency relief works after major events.’
      • ‘Perhaps most important, in many urban and rural areas where churches are struggling, Episcopalians and Lutherans will be able to have joint congregations served by a pastor or priest of either body.’
      • ‘Among Catholics, Anglicans, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, and Methodists, an infant is baptized into the body of believers and of Christ by sprinkling water on its head.’
      • ‘As Lutherans we believe Jesus Christ is the integrative center of Scripture and its definitive interpreter.’
      • ‘As far as Christianity is concerned, the four so-called ‘mother’ churches are the Lutheran, Reformed, Roman Catholic and Anglican churches.’
      • ‘The largest denominations are Evangelical Lutherans and Greek Catholics.’
      • ‘Clearly, many Lutherans see full communion with the Episcopal Church as a costly decision that threatens Lutheran identity.’
      • ‘I believe Presbyterians and Methodists and Lutherans, too, would recognize it as part of their baggage.’
      • ‘Zionists aren't Lutherans or Catholics, so let's be blunt about what you said.’
      • ‘These texts are themselves the focus of a liturgical life that Lutherans and Catholics (and Anglicans and Orthodox and, to varying degrees, other Protestants) largely share.’
      • ‘In a document in 2000, he labelled other Christian churches as deficient - shocking Anglicans, Lutherans and other Protestants in ecumenical dialogue with Rome for years.’


  • 1Of or characterized by the theology of Martin Luther.

    • ‘You've actually quoted Christor Stendhal a few times in your work, the Lutheran minister and theologian at Harvard University, and he's been of course very active in religious dialogue for decades.’
    • ‘He opposed Lutheran theology and, fatally, the English throne's break with Rome.’
    • ‘Simultaneously, Cranach continued to produce altarpieces and devotional images reflecting Lutheran theology.’
    • ‘Then the author shows the ‘evangelical conversion of the Catholic Canon Law’ and how Lutheran theologians and jurists linked the use of this converted law to all phases of life.’
    • ‘Barth was more heavily influenced by the Lutheran theology of Harnack and Herrmann in his student years.’
    • ‘The release announces a new book by Lutheran theologians Gordon Lathrop and Timothy Wengert on the ‘marks’ of the true Church.’
    • ‘This reality emerged in theological discussions that the Finnish Lutheran theologians have had with the Russian Orthodox Church.’
    • ‘The gradual adoption of Lutheran theology in the course of the sixteenth century eliminated the doctrine of purgatory and demanded a restructuring of beliefs concerning the afterlife and the fate of dead bodies.’
    • ‘Where are the limits and weaknesses of Lutheran theology?’
    • ‘George A. Lindbeck is a Lutheran theologian and professor emeritus of the Yale Divinity School.’
    • ‘This dimension of a theology of the cross must be viewed within a Lutheran theology in which God values life and creation.’
    • ‘There's that understanding of the Word of God, and the performative, effectual nature of the Word of God, which under-girds Lutheran theology and Lutheran worship and Bach's music.’
    • ‘The idea for such a foundation and conference has been a topic of conversation among theologians and ecumenists for five years, with Lutheran theologian Robert Jenson serving as a key organizer.’
    • ‘How does Lutheran theology differ from Reformed-Calvinistic theology?’
    • ‘He is a theologically reflective Lutheran layman who has through the years strengthened his support for our Christian heritage.’
    • ‘Compatible, perhaps, with a Lutheran theology of the cross, Peters's view of the cosmic dance is cruciform.’
    • ‘And so far as religion is concerned, it has had a direct and significant impact, in particular being seen by certain Lutheran theologians as lending fresh force and impetus to the tradition to which they belong.’
    • ‘However, since he was unable to stay to supervise the printing he asked Andreas Osiander, a Lutheran theologian with considerable experience of printing mathematical texts, to undertake the task.’
    • ‘I am a Lutheran theologian with considerable sympathy for the horizon shared by Lutherans and Roman Catholics.’
    • ‘Moe-Lobeda succeeds in showing that an accurate reading of Lutheran theology poses a moral challenge to the everyday life of affluent Americans.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to the Lutheran Church.
      • ‘Some of my most ardent Protestant Evangelicals fell in love with Teresa of Avila; Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the Lutheran pastor, was a favorite among the Catholics.’
      • ‘The Chicago Tribune headlined ‘Episcopal Church Approves Alliance with Lutheran Sect’.’
      • ‘The substantial differences between Calvinist / Reformed and Lutheran views divided Protestants in England as much as on the continent.’
      • ‘No one is suggesting that Catholics stop referring to the Anglican, Lutheran and Pentecostal churches.’
      • ‘I recently led an adult education forum at a large Lutheran church on the topic, ‘A Christian Response to Terrorism.’’
      • ‘Hence Hindu Gandhi, Baptist Martin Luther King Jr. and Lutheran Dag Hammarskjold earn mentions in Lives of the Saints.’
      • ‘Add to this that the document addresses only one issue that divides Catholic and Lutheran churches, even if the issue is the most important one.’
      • ‘Once the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and some Lutheran churches went onto the offensive greater opportunities for religious commissions followed.’
      • ‘After a few weeks of attending Methodist, Baptist, and Lutheran churches, her parents finally decided their new denomination was Presbyterian.’
      • ‘Unlike the Slovaks, who tended to adhere to the old-world Calvinist and Lutheran denominations, Czech Protestants tended to affiliate with American denominations.’
      • ‘In the last decade, Lutheran and Anglican churches in Canada, the United States, and northern Europe entered into separate agreements of full communion.’
      • ‘Most of the Protestants belong to the Lutheran church in Murska Sobota.’
      • ‘I took my 3-year-old nephew to Easter services at a Lutheran church near my home.’
      • ‘He was a Lutheran pastor, missionary, and church executive for 25 years.’
      • ‘The three remaining churches are still in Lutheran limbo.’
      • ‘Protestant groups include the United Church of Canada and the Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Lutheran churches.’
      • ‘Anglican and Lutheran churches in Canada have approved a full communion agreement modeled on a similar accord drafted by their sister churches in the United States.’
      • ‘The growth of royal power precipitated a break with Roman Catholic Church and the gradual establishment of a reformed church on the Lutheran model.’
      • ‘In the Lutheran churches with which Anglicans are now in full communion, confirmation-laying on of hands-has historically been administered by presbyters.’