Definition of lustreless in English:


(US lusterless)


  • Not bright or shiny; dull.

    ‘her uncombed, lustreless black hair’
    • ‘Examination found that the patient lacked spirit, and had a lusterless face.’
    • ‘If these symptoms are accompanied with a lusterless complexion, dizziness, pale tongue and lips, and a thready pulse, then these are heart blood deficiency syndromes.’
    • ‘This resulted in symptoms of shortness of breath and a lusterless facial complexion.’
    • ‘Mitch and I imagined ourselves refinishing the lusterless hardwood floors in the living and dining rooms.’
    • ‘I love the way he always pushes his lusterless hair out of his eyes.’
    • ‘Symptoms may include obesity, dry skin and hair, both of which tend to be lusterless, low blood pressure, slow pulse, sluggishness of all functions, depressed muscular activity and goiter.’
    • ‘He looked old, his eyes were lustreless, his breathing laboured.’
    • ‘I could understand his regarding it as of small importance when I looked at it, for the metal was almost black and the stones lustreless and dull.’
    • ‘If the person inhales inadequately, then the face will appear pale and lusterless.’
    • ‘Once the chemical state of the scalp alters, scales buid up and the hair become dry and lustreless.’
    • ‘The stage is lusterless, the direction inert, the action scrappy, and every invitation for theatrical excitement turned aside.’
    • ‘What was ordinary yesterday becomes precious today, and what was precious yesterday seems dull and lusterless.’
    • ‘In a dark rocky cave, a giant octopus spread its long, writhing tentacles in search of its prey, and gazed the while through the water with large lustreless eyes.’
    dull, lacklustre, matt, unburnished, unpolished, tarnished, dingy, dim, dark, drab
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