Definition of lushness in English:



  • See lush

    • ‘There are two kinds of false lashes: full ones (the kind you apply to your whole lashline) and individual lashes (to add lushness where you want it).’
    • ‘In soft muted shades of green and white or rich tones of hot and soft shades of green and pink, caladiums deliver an unbeatable luxuriance of lushness and tropical color.’
    • ‘Pied ancient sculptures were whitened and the lushness of literature turned into Classicist sterility.’
    • ‘There is lushness and grandeur to the Moorish castles, a true handcrafted fishing village look to the Viking enclave.’
    • ‘Those small moments of relative lushness are magnified, become powerful and touching, in their drab context.’