Definition of lupara in English:



  • A sawn-off shotgun, especially as used by the Mafia.

    • ‘In 1986, on my previous visit, I watched a herd of 1000 horses, sheep and cattle being driven by eight or nine horsemen, the guardiani of the Mafia estates, most with the lupara (sawn-off shotgun) slung over their backs.’
    • ‘Not far away is a lupara, a short double-barrel shotgun, kept in a broken open condition.’
    • ‘You could hear that racket upstairs; which explains why my uncle would come down the banister with a broom, and a lupara.’
    • ‘A lupara is a sawed-off Sicilian shotgun carried by old-school mafia soldiers and said to be powerful enough to blow a man in half.’
    • ‘Armed guards patrolled the walls of the villa at night and a few faithful shepherds with their luparas were always in the house.’


Italian, slang term from lupa ‘she-wolf’.