Definition of Luo in English:


nounPlural Luos

  • 1A member of an East African people of Kenya and the upper Nile valley.

    • ‘Throughout the first few centuries A.D., Kenya was the destination of numerous migrating tribes, such as the Luo and the Bantu peoples.’
    • ‘Both Moi and Odinga used the genuine grievances and concerns of those living in dire poverty in Kibera to mount a provocative political stunt aimed at winning votes from the Luo in the elections due next year.’
    • ‘Owuor, a man from the tribe of the Luo, our ‘houseboy ‘, sensed my parents' bewilderment, grasped their hands and guided our lives from the first day to the last.’
    • ‘A qualitative study on the Luo, a traditionally non-circumcising ethnic group in western Kenya, found high levels of acceptability.’
    • ‘Most of the wealthiest people are Kikuyu, followed by the Luo.’
    • ‘The provincial capital of Kisumu is the third-largest city in Kenya and is a major cultural center for the Luo.’
    • ‘There are, however, many societies in Kenya that do not circumcise, including the Luo, Kenya's second largest ethnic group.’
    • ‘Even her first marriage to Otieno, a Luo, stretched boundaries as she is a Kikuyu, famous rivals of Luos for political and cultural reasons.’
    • ‘The outside world may see a Kenyan, but the person, if asked, would consider himself a Luo first.’
  • 2mass noun The Nilotic language of the Luo, with more than 3 million speakers.

    • ‘Other ethnic languages include Luo, Kikuyu, Kamba, Luyia, Gusii, and Kalenjin, which are usually spoken at home.’
    • ‘They speak Luo, which is their mother tongue, and learn Kiwahili as well.’
    • ‘EAE is greatly influenced by such languages as Swahili at large, Kikuyu in Kenya, Chichewa in Malawi, Luo in Kenya and Tanzania, and Shona in Zimbabwe.’


  • Relating to the Luo or their language.

    • ‘Odinga is from the Luo tribe, whereas Kibaki is from the Kikuyu, the largest tribal grouping.’
    • ‘Fourteen percent is Luhya, 13 percent is Luo, 12 percent is Kalenjin, 11 percent Kamba, 6 percent Kisii, and 6 percent Meru.’
    • ‘During the exchange of the Peace, African singers and dancers from an East London Mother's Union Group performed a Luo song of praise.’
    • ‘Zimba echoed Luo sentiments adding that he has travelled to remote areas of the country and witnessed the suffering, high ignorance and death levels.’
    • ‘In the Luo culture, there is no bigger event than a funeral feast.’
    • ‘Tom Mboya, of the Luo tribe, was the more moderate of the two, and had the support of Western nations.’
    • ‘Violent clashes broke out on December 4 between the people of the Nubian and Luo tribal groupings in Kibera, one of Kenya's largest slums.’
    • ‘Among the ceramic works featured in ‘Transforming through Fire’ were an Akan terracotta head, an Ijebu figure of an Ogboni or Oshugbo chief, a Ga'anda ancestral pot, and a Luo storage vessel.’
    • ‘Even young Luo teenagers, who nowadays live in Nairobi and rarely visit Luoland, nevertheless have learned to speak Dholuo fluently.’


The name in Luo.