Definition of lunule in English:



  • another term for lunula
    • ‘The hymen, which medical descriptions depict as nothing more than a lunule or crescent-shaped membrane bordering the labia minora, is among the most meaningful of body parts.’
    • ‘It shows a lunule and extensions of flank ribs with asymmetric cross section.’
    • ‘Other falcate mylilids like Lycettia, Coxesia and Falcimytilus all lack radial or divaricating or half-divaricating surface sculpture and have a more truncated anterior shell flank with a well-defined lunule.’
    • ‘The byssal invagination was called a lunule by Cox.’
    • ‘The wide lunule is clearly independent of the extreme widening of the test, because in A. coloniensis, the test is much wider than in A. alatus, but without concomitant widening of the lunule.’
    • ‘Apart from the width to length ratio, the paratype of the new species seems to have a less prominent ridge around the anal lunule, and slightly narrower interambulacra on the oral surface than A. coloniensis.’
    • ‘In Mysidiella newtonae n. sp., from the early Norian of the Wallowa Terrane of Oregon, the lunule is even shorter and more deeply incurved than in M. orientalis.’
    • ‘Durham's inclusion of a nonlunulate, Iheringiella, in the family also meant that Labille's and Mortensen's most conspicuous diagnostic character, the anal lunule, no longer formed part of the diagnosis.’
    • ‘Notches (‘open’ lunules) are ambulacral lunules that form close enough to the ambitus that the ambitus is unable to close over the distal part of the notch to form a closed lunule.’
    • ‘In some mellitids, notably in the genus Encope, there is occasionally a ridge around the anal lunule, but it is never as well developed as in monophorasterids.’