Definition of lunk in English:



  • short for lunkhead
    • ‘But you were such a lunk that you wouldn't respond to anything.’
    • ‘It seems fans can't get enough of this overweight, near-sighted, lovable lunk who fights zombies from inside his favorite pub.’
    • ‘For a big lunk, Gandolfini can convey a world of emotion with the tiniest flinch or eye flicker.’
    • ‘His wrists broke as he tried to catch himself, splintering under the weight of the senseless lunks of people handcuffed to him.’
    • ‘Now I realize that Hollywood is different but in most of the US the usual method of feeling safe at home is to latch onto some lunk, turn him into hubby and get him reading Kim du Toit.’
    • ‘Of course, these stupid lunks get out their own weapons, and I'm all laughing, because these stupid cheese-heads are going into a fight with a Kobrian!’
    • ‘As it is, although George is a bit of a lunk - they married because he got her pregnant - he is kind and he truly loves his wife.’
    • ‘Maybe because that big lunk in the next room is acting like a major jerk again?’
    • ‘In the first story, a deformed lunk named Marv avenges the murder of a prostitute who treated him kindly.’
    • ‘Think of wireless as a moody teen, a powerful lunk brimming with potential - but hardly reliable.’
    • ‘But will a couple who paid $80,000 hoping for a science whiz be happy with a dumb lunk destined to pump gas at the corner filling station?’
    • ‘Bored to tears by her husband, a big lazy lunk of a pothead (played by the always-terrific John C. Reilly), she lets herself fall for a co-worker, a callow twenty-one year-old who calls himself Holden - guess why?’