Definition of lunchroom in English:



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  • A room or establishment in which lunch is served or in which it may be eaten; a school or office canteen.

    • ‘I walk into the lunchroom and my eyes search the room for a familiar face.’
    • ‘All these years, my father had avoided the pedestrian travails of parenthood - chicken pox and boils and heartbroken daughters who flee school lunchrooms in tears.’
    • ‘I've eaten a lot of lunches in a lot of lunchrooms and I've never been in a situation where other people would know what's in my sandwich unless they were looking very, very closely or they asked.’
    • ‘There are many spaces in schools, such as auditoriums, playgrounds, and lunchrooms, where both staff and students congregate.’
    • ‘They may have to go back to patrolling hallways and lunchrooms, which parents love but teachers hate.’
    • ‘To go to the cafeteria, students have to go up a ramp and follow a hallway which led to the lunchroom in a different building.’
    • ‘I walked into the lunchroom and sat down at our table, the first one there.’
    • ‘Secondly she hadn't seen or heard from Allie since that confrontation with Adam in the lunchroom.’
    • ‘Grabbing a salad from the cafeteria, Alicia scanned the lunchroom for a spot to sit.’
    • ‘Of course, the opportunities for school milk vending have been well documented and are growing, as school systems across the country tackle youth obesity by banishing sugary soft drinks from lunchrooms.’
    • ‘They gathered up in a single file line, and walked down to the lunchroom.’
    • ‘Well, skim milk and low-fat food in the lunchrooms is not the answer.’
    • ‘He was gazing across the lunchroom at Holly, who was sitting by her boyfriend.’
    • ‘Well, let's just say it brought back memories of our elementary school lunchrooms.’
    • ‘I was eating lunch in the lunchroom when it started, and as this room has no windows it went completely pitch black.’
    • ‘The lunchroom also is utilized as a conference room to help train employees.’
    • ‘Delia's shallow breaths and angry face were noticed as she plowed out of the lunchroom and towards the hall.’
    • ‘Research has shown that the most common means for communicating with other team members are informal discussions in hallways and lunchrooms that are impossible in global workspaces.’
    • ‘Alexia, Mark, Danny and Mia sat at a small round table towards the back corner of the lunchroom.’
    • ‘They're in a private lunchroom at the Van Nuys courthouse and they're having pizza and lasagna.’
    restaurant, cafeteria, refectory, mess hall
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