Definition of lunch pail in English:

lunch pail


North American
  • A lunch box.

    • ‘You never mentioned cake or pie, and Grandma always has something like that for Uncle Mike's lunch pail.’
    • ‘Any day, they thought, the wrecking crews would show up with their hard hats and lunch pails and tear down this house to make a new parking lot for the brewery across the street.’
    • ‘When the children scampered out, lunch pail in hand, William wasted no time in finding a metal bench in the shade cast by the building and the midday angle of the sun.’
    • ‘We put a change of clothes in his backpack, packed his Star Wars Clone Trooper lunch pail (ham sandwich, cheese snacks, juice, banana and chocolate pudding) and bundled him into the car (after taking a couple of snapshots).’
    • ‘When the bell rang and the children were dismissed, they each ran home with their lunch pails in hand.’
    • ‘And as a result, families that are raising kids and loving kids and send them off with lunch pails every day and tucking them in at night are taxed at a higher rate.’
    • ‘My metal lunch pail was covered with nifty pictures of jets, including a 6-52 and Boeing 707.’
    • ‘It is then put in another basket that serves as a serving dish or lunch pail.’
    • ‘All the children gathered their lunch pails and coats and left for home.’
    • ‘I gave him some of that pound cake you sent in my lunch pail, and he said it was the best thing he'd had in a long time, Mama.’
    • ‘With a wave, he hops on the bus, lunch pail in hand.’
    • ‘Did that change include the purchase of a lunch pail?’
    • ‘It wasn't until he came across the bridge and around the bend that we could first hear him tapping on the top of his lunch pail with his walking stick and whistling some old bluegrass tune.’


North American
  • Working-class; blue-collar.

    ‘lunch-pail labourers’
    • ‘It appeals to the Mike Harris pro-growth tax-cutters and the flinty-eyed Ralph Klein deficit hawks, and it appeals to independents and lunch pail populists as well.’