Definition of lunch box in English:

lunch box


  • 1A container in which to carry a packed meal.

    • ‘For a 1989 exhibition on the history of television, Smithsonian curators scoured flea markets and garage sales in a search for lunch boxes depicting popular shows and characters.’
    • ‘Packing your child's lunch box is a task that should be done with care, say health experts.’
    • ‘I've been packing his lunch box with all the best foods I can find for him to eat, yet most days he returns home without having eaten more then a small amount.’
    • ‘As for Chris, she was delighted with her new bag and lunch box, which she insisted on carrying even though they were heavier than her.’
    • ‘It is recommended that lunches are packed in lunch boxes and not in plastic bags.’
    • ‘In the immediate aftermath of the changes, one parent sent her child to school with a lunch box containing three Mars bars, two packets of crisps and a fizzy drink.’
    • ‘A back-breaking pile of text and notebooks, pencils, lunch box… these are not the only things children carry to school nowadays.’
    • ‘I always have a lunch box full of tasty bits and pieces.’
    • ‘But we showed up, bright and early, lunch box and backpack and spare set of clothes and shoes in hand.’
    • ‘It is not often they carry lunch boxes on Sunday.’
    • ‘Most kids feel their lunch box isn't quite packed unless there are chips aboard - not the healthiest food around.’
    • ‘Another way to show your love is in the presentation of what's in the lunch box.’
    • ‘I never suggested that the government should be packing your kid's lunch box or running the local supermarket.’
    • ‘Children may be exposed to lead from lunch boxes when they eat food that has been stored in them.’
    • ‘Based on the extremely low levels of lead found in our tests, in most cases, children would have to rub their lunch box and then lick their hands more than 600 times every day, for about 15-30 days, in order for the lunch box to present a health hazard.’
    • ‘She quickly packed up her food in the lunch box and sat upright, ready to face whatever happened next.’
    • ‘An insulated lunch box is also a good idea, as it will keep the food inside nice and cool.’
    • ‘Fifteen kids in climbing harnesses and helmets, carrying lunch boxes, climb out and begin their hike to a rock wall for a day of climbing and rappelling.’
    • ‘However, costly renovations to the building have postponed the purchase of lunch boxes to add to her collection.’
    • ‘Working parents who fill their children's lunch box with cereal bars, yoghurts or other convenience foods are being urged to check the calorie count and see what percentage of salt, fat and sugar they contain.’
    1. 1.1 A portable computer slightly larger than a laptop.
    2. 1.2British humorous A man's genitals.


lunch box