Definition of lunar roving vehicle in English:

lunar roving vehicle

(also lunar rover)


  • A vehicle designed for use by astronauts on the moon's surface, used on the last three missions of the Apollo project.

    Also called moon buggy
    • ‘The mission was the first to carry and deploy the lunar roving vehicle, a 210-kilogram electric car with four-wheel drive.’
    • ‘In July 1971, Apollo 15 astronauts David Scott and James Irwin stepped into the dazzling light of the lunar day and boarded a dune-buggy-like lunar rover at the foot of the Moon's Apennine Mountains.’
    • ‘There were five more successful missions to the Moon; for the last three the astronauts had a wheeled lunar roving vehicle to help them explore further.’
    • ‘In the early sixties, von Braun envisioned a manned lunar rover to aid astronauts on future missions to the moon.’
    • ‘Imagine trekking in a lunar rover across miles of the Moon's rough surface.’
    • ‘In forty-five years of spaceflight and exploration, there have only been six rovers: three Apollo mission lunar rovers, two Russian Lunokhods, and one Sojourner rover on Mars.’
    • ‘This was also the first Apollo mission to include a lunar rover, allowing the astronauts to travel much further from the lander.’
    • ‘Indeed, the crafts have needed six months to cover the same terrain that the lunar rover, driven by Apollo astronauts, covered on the Moon.’
    • ‘It might even be able to spot the lunar rovers left behind by Apollos 15-17.’
    • ‘In support of the Apollo missions, the company designed, tested and built the prototype for the lunar roving vehicle, known as the Moon Buggy.’