Definition of luna moth in English:

luna moth


  • A large North American moon moth which has pale green wings with long tails and transparent eyespots bearing crescent-shaped markings.

    Actias luna, family Saturniidae

    • ‘It's not glamorous, but I must say that if I had to metamorphose into an insect, I could have done far worse, such as a meal-worm or one of those creepy luna moths.’
    • ‘Moths are generally distinguished from butterflies by their drabness, yet the luna moth is almost flamboyant.’
    • ‘The poem's title arises from its final, extraordinary image of a female luna moth hanging in foliage outside a country church (presumably the Honey Creek Meeting House).’
    • ‘Particularly fascinating for Cooper was that each grouping - luna moths pinned in neat rows, elephant skulls all in a line, a jumble of sharks in a jar of alcohol - was a constant reminder of nature's endless variation.’


Late 19th century: luna from Latin luna ‘moon’ (from its markings).


luna moth