Definition of luminiferous in English:



  • Producing or transmitting light.

    ‘luminiferous ether’
    • ‘Also, it feels more natural to pull in facts from ‘normal’ science when I've already made the leap by talking about the luminiferous ether.’
    • ‘And I have been able to do so because I have become increasingly convinced that culture, like the luminiferous ether of nineteenth-century physics, doesn't do much work.’
    • ‘These equations described visible light as a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and said that the luminiferous ether was not necessary for electromagnetic waves to propagate through space.’
    • ‘Thus, with a swiftness approaching the speed of light itself, the luminiferous ether entered the graveyard of discredited scientific ideas.’
    • ‘So may one therefore conclude that the luminiferous ether doesn't exist?’
    shining, bright, brilliant, radiant, dazzling, glowing, gleaming, coruscating, scintillating, lustrous, luminescent, phosphorescent, incandescent
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